About Kripa Foundation

The Organization


Kripa Foundation has the privilege of being the largest Non–Governmental Organization in India, affiliated

with the Union Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, working among people afflicted with chemical

dependency & HIV Infection. Over a quarter century of service, Kripa Foundation has evolved a module of

non-discriminating, supportive community living, empowering people to introspect and

bring about a change in lifestyle….

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Board of Trustees


His Eminence
Cardinal Oswald Gracias

Archbishop of Bombay
Patron & Chairman Kripa Foundation

Rev. Fr.  Joseph H. Pereira

Kripa Foundation’s Founder Trustee

Fr. Cajetan Menezes

Kripa Foundation’s Managing Trustee.

Denzil D’Souza

Chairman Writer Corporation A known philanthropist and promoter of Indian art and culture. Denzil D’Souza has also worked for the marginalized population.

Ms. Jacqeline Almeida Verma

Ms. Jacqeline Almeida Verma, A well renowned Architect

Yazdi Desai

Jt Managing Director, Writer Corporation

Our Vision


A global healing presence. Non-discriminating, supportive community living empowering people to introspect and bring about change in lifestyle, to alter the risk perception, to maximize harm reduction and to see the need to monitor life as an ongoing process of spiritual growth. The Goal is to empowering those afflicted and affected by chemical dependency and HIV/AIDS.

To provide care, treatment and support.

To interface with community through prevention intervention modules.

To develop and implement training modules.

To generate human resources.

To include research in all aspects of service.

To maintain international standards.

Our Projects


Kripa Aids (Vasai Regional Aids Control Society)

Vasai Region AIDS Control Society (VRACS) is a Kripa – AIDS initiative commissioned in Vasai, in Thane district of Maharashtra. VRACS attempts to visualize Vasai as a controlled zone for HIV and co-infections. This model attempts to implement various public health projects for the control and care of the HIV epidemic through community empowerment.

Kripa Institute of Training (KIT)

KRIPA maintains a large number of facilities all over India that are manned by peers and professionals in the field of CD /HIV-AIDS care. These activities are personnel intensive and hence adequacy of numbers is essential for smooth functioning. The rapid changes in available information and techniques in care, require periodic updating to staff abilities. The limits of the problems seen in CD / HIV-AIDS are not yet fully defined, and hence accurate and meticulous documentation is the need at all the centres.

Rehabilitation Program

Dependents: Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug users.
Co-Dependents: Spouses or Significant other, Parents, Children of users.
Treatment Programme for Substance Abuse
Dependents: Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug users.
Co-Dependents: Spouses or Significant other, Parents, Children of users.

Street Children Project

Till date Kripa has been largely catering to the adult substance abusing population while collaborating with organizations for street children for the substance abuse problems in the younger populations. Since it was felt that the issue of substance abuse among the street children needs to be systematically addressed, May 2001 saw the birth of the Street Children Project at the Dharavi centre.

Employee Assistant Program

It is a well-recognized fact that in any industry at any given time, up to 18% of the total workforce may have serious personal problems; one of the main problems being Chemical Dependency. This has adverse affects on the individual’s performance at work and further leads to degeneration of his entire life. Chemical Dependency is a progressive disease, and like other diseases the earlier it is identified and treated, the greater are the chance of recovery. Victims of the disease may fail to recognize its pressure or are terrified of the consequences of total abstinence.




I come from a very conservative and Orthodox family where religion was a must and I hated it. My parents were too occupied in their business and I was left in the hands of our care taker all through my childhood. The only times we really were together was on an outing, a holiday or a birthday party but that too would be intervened by my dad’s business calls. We could never call it a family gathering as there would always be differences between my parents….Read More

I started using cannabis at the age of 16 this was during my modelling times ,where I was working part time as a model .My forte was media and advertising that time I did an entire series of MTV graveyard shift ,where all the other teens were chilling out in there summer vacation ,I was earning my own money and least that I realised that was starting point of my addiction .later as I grew older it was family peer pressure also that added to my depression .i was never unemployed, I always had my career was on track with my finances backing me up to take care of vices ….READ MORE

When I was 16, I remember, I tasted the first drink. I never thought that this very first drink that gave me pleasure for sometime could lead me to the point of nowhere and I never realized I had been hooked with it for a period of seven years. During these seven years I had experienced frustration, loneliness, bitterness, the feeling of hopelessness. Though there were many drinking friends around but the feeling of loneliness was very strong within me. The word Love, Care, Respect and Responsibility was flung out of the window….READ MORE


Everyone makes New Year Resolutions; so did I. I would resolve to avoid foul language, skip red meat, attend religious events, observe Sabbath and abstain from smoking and alcohol. To comply, I would down the “last” drink while dragging the final puff of my “last” cigarette as soon as New Year was ushered. This resolution, made over days, would vanish within an hour. I would justify myself stating that come morning and I would enforce my resolution and continue my vices till daybreak. …READ MORE


For friends who do not know me, I would like to first briefly tell you that I have been suffering from this dreaded disease for the last 20 years and Innumerable Treatments at Rehab Centres and Hospitalizations were of no help as I latter realized that “The Program suggests the Path that we should follow which will change our lives and enable to achieve the sobriety that we need to live a whole life…READ MORE