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Kripa Foundation has the privilege of being the largest Non–Governmental Organization in India, affiliated with the Union Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, working among people afflicted with chemical dependency & HIV Infection. Over a quarter century of service, Kripa Foundation has evolved a module of non-discriminating, supportive community living, empowering people to introspect and bring about a change in lifestyle.

Mother Teresa at Vasai

KRIPA, derived from the Sanskrit word “GRACE,” lays emphasis on the need to study risk perception, effectively assist in harm minimization and provide training to the affected individuals enabling them to monitor life as an ongoing process of Spiritual Growth.
The beginning: the year and place, foundation day, registration of a charitable trust.
The Organization had humble beginnings in a church compound in Bandra in 1981, with three patients in residence, a priest, a doctor & a recovering alcoholic as a role model for recovery and sobriety.Since then this Public Charitable Trust has spread its tentacles all over India with 69 varied facilities addressing

Mother Teresa at Vasai

Chemical Dependency and HIV/ AIDS in 12 states in the country, namely, Maharashtra (Mumbai, Vasai, Pune), Gujarat (Baroda), Goa (Anjuna,), Karnataka (Mangalore), West Bengal (Kolkata & Darjeeling), Manipur (Imphal), Nagaland ( Kohima & Zuneboto), Meghalaya (Shillong),Assam(Guwahati) Uttar Pradesh (Bareilly), Rajasthan (Jaipur) & Delhi.
Centres are funded through Government of India grants, as well as National and International funding agencies.
The guiding philosophy is a reflection of the spirit of service and dedication, enshrined in the work of Mother Teresa, who personally blessed our Kolkatta and Vasai centres..
Today, Kripa is at the forefront in facilitating training in Chemical Dependency, Rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS, and offers a broad spectrum of services to the community, facilitating law enforcement agencies, educational institutions and other academic institutions that are involved in Human Services. A major area of work involves- interaction with industry in terms of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is comprehensive and addresses situations with utmost confidentiality.
Kripa’s strength lies in the eastern disciplines and facilitating lifestyle change, which it propagates in all its centres as Basic Therapy to cope with life’s stresses including addiction, which is an outward manifestation of the turmoil within an individual. It is this inner healing which is enabling Kripa to realize its dream of becoming a global presence.


  • Help Line
  • Screening: Medical, Psychiatric
  • Counselor’s Evaluation
  • Admission
  • Family Support System
  • Programme Orientation
  • Group Dynamics
  • Extension Work
  • Referral
  • Public Relations
  • Fund Raising
  • Awareness / Outreach
  • Legal Cell
  • Eap – Jobline
  • Networking With Government
  • International Agencies
  • Social / Educational
  • Religious Organisations
  • Agencies Doing Similar Work e.g. Fad, Combat, Etc
  • Documentation
  • Managing Withdrawals
  • Other Medical Assistance
  • Yoga / Tai – Chi
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Standardisation Of Treatment
  • Counselling And Support
  • Patient Self Analysis
  • Counsellor’s Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Screening
  • Time Management
  • Inputs And Work Assignments
  • Psychometry
  • Group Dynamics
  • One To One Counseling
  • Other Therapy
  • Documentation Of Above
  • Discharge
  • Yoga
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Time Management
  • Inputs
  • Work Papers , Reading / Writing
  • One to One Counseling
  • Group Dynamics
  • Other Therapies
  • Therapeutic Duty Assignments
  • Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Psychometry
  • Medical and Other Monitoring
  • Meditation
  • Graded Responsibility
  • Linkage With Home and Work
  • Linkage With Self Help Groups
  • Documentation of Above
  • Discharge
  • Income Generation
  • Internee Period for Potential Staff and Absorption
  • Aftercare for Mentally Compromised
  • Aftercare for Insolvents and Those Not Able to Relink With Society
  • Self-help Group Meeting
  • Through Telephone and Mail
  • Through Sponsor of Program

Service Organisations

OrganisationsObjectivesContact Details
 Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC)- Kerala Drug Control, Prevention and treatment of substance abusers and
HIV/AIDS victims.
Mr Johnson J. Edayaranmula
91-471- 756 93
Calcutta Samaritans- CalcuttaDrug control, Prevention, Treatment, Rehab, Training, Education
and Counselling.
Mr. Vijayan Pavamani
91-33- 298 609, 298 097
Dharma Bharati Institute Of Peace and Values
Education- Madhya Pradesh
Drug control, Prevention, Education and Counselling.Fr. Varghese Alengaden
91-731- 494 211
Drug Abuse Information, Rehabilitation & Research
Centre (DAIRRC)- Bombay
Drug control, Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training, Education,
Counselling and Research.
Dr. Yusuf Adam Merchant
91-22-343- 2617342 7339
Forum Against Drugs (FAD)- BombayDrug control, Prevention, Education, Counselling, Research and Training.Dr. J. Christopher Danie
91-452- 631 414
Goodwill Social Work Centre- MaduraiDrug control, Prevention, Rehabilitation, Training,
Education, Counselling and Research.

91-11- 688 1701, 688 1702
Indian Council On Education- New DelhiDrug control, Prevention, Training, Treatment,
Rehabilitation and Counselling.

91-6847- 7514
Institute Of Youth & Development
(IIYD)- Orissa
Drug control, Prevention, Education
and Training.
Mr. K. C. Mathew
91-475- 702 075,359, 008
International Centre for Study and
Development (ICSD)- Kerala
Drug control, Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training,
Education and Counselling.
Muktangan Mitra- PuneDrug control, Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Education,
Counselling and Research.
Ms. Mukta Puntambekar
91-212- 359 407
National Addiction Research Centre
(NARC)- Bombay
Drug control, Prevention, Treatment, Training, Education and Research,
HIV/AIDS, Community health and youth and Community welfare.

91-22-642 4794
Nav Nirman Foundation- BombayPrevention, Education, Treatment, Counselling,
Rehabilitation, Training, Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS.
91-11- 751- 0490
Navjyothi, Delhi Police Foundation- DelhiPrevention, Education, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Counselling, Training,
Street children, Empowering women and Rehabilitation of Prisoners.
Fr. Prisquilas T. Peter
91-11- 559 9991, 559 9992
Programme to Combat Substance
Abuse- New Delhi
Education, Prevention, Counselling,
Treatment and Training.
Ms. Sujatha R. Ganega
91-22- 493 2497, 495 4681
SUPPORT- Bombay Prevention, Education, Counselling, Rehabilitation,
Training, Vocational training, HIV/AIDS
and Women’s issues.
Ms. Sujatha R. Ganega
91-22- 493 2497, 495 4681
Total Response to Alcohol and
Drug Abuse (TRADA)- Kerala
Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training,
Education, Counselling, Research, HIV/AIDS.
Fr. Dr. George Kolath
91-481- 565 445, 566 198
TT Ranganathan Clinical Research
Foundation- Madras
Prevention, Rehabilitation, Education, Research, Treatment,
Training and Counselling.
Ms. Shanthi Ranganathan
91-44- 491 8461, 2948
Seva Dhan – MumbaiDrug control, Prevention, Education
and Training.
Ms. Clema Pinto
91-22-677 8736 / 89 / 46
Mukti Sadan - MumbaiDrug control, Prevention, Education and Training.
Ms. Shobha Kapoor
91- 22 – 832 51 84, 837 64 28