Community Based Rehab

Community Based Rehab

Community-Based Rehab (Supported by ILO)

Sometimes due to various constraints, it may not be possible for an individual to participate in a residential rehabilitation programme.
However, the client is still motivated and hence needs to be facilitated in his home/work surroundings. CBR centre is located in the premises within the community and may contain external personnel and/or the people working from the community.
Until the major social changes occur, the affected and rehabilitated individual has to survive in the existing circumstances. The CBR centre provides a support system. A friendly neighbourhood counsellor acts as a friend, philosopher and guide and is available regularly, and in crisis, to those who seek help. The CBR staffs conduct Information, Education and Counseling activities. They develop networking and referral systems to the community hospitals and other helping organisations.
The presence of CBR activities helps the community to recognize and accept the reality of the problem of chemical dependency and / or HIV-AIDS. This situation can stimulate the social and religious groups to integrate their activities and develop programmes to identify and manage problems faced by community members. KRIPA lends a helping hand to establish / maintain CBR activities as well as in conducting of programmes.
CBR also predominantly focuses on demand reduction, i.e., reducing the demand of illicit substances in the community rather than supply reduction which happens to be the responsibility of the law enforcement agency. In the individual aspect the impact of chemical dependency can be changed by harm minimization activities.


With every dependent there is a co-dependent suffering with the features of distress related to the habit of chemical dependency. It may be a spouse or an offspring. It may be a sibling or some other relative, friend or colleague. The relationship of the affected with the afflicted one is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. The discomfort and distress of the disease of the co-dependent can be directly related to the dependent’s habit and assumes similar proportions or may include a host of other illnesses of mind and body related to stress, depression and deprivation. The impact of financial difficulties and irresponsible behaviour are more often than not found amongst several co-dependents.
At Kripa we offer a Family Systems Therapy Program. Individual and group interactions help the participants to identify their disabilities and develop strategies to deal with them.
Sustained counseling helps the members to re-negotiate their relationship with others, and provides the individual with a clearer picture of themselves. It empowers the individual to make appropriate lifestyle changes for the betterment of the family. The program also addresses the involvement of the children as well and facilitates them as and when required.

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