Holistic Rehabilitation

Holistic Rehabilitation

In individual counseling sessions, the counselor and patient work together to identify personal problems and set specific goals that will lead to a better life. These goals may include overcoming resentment, developing trust in others or identifying and working on self defeating behavioural patterns.

The daily morning meditation includes Yoga as a Psycho spiritual and Psychosomatic therapy.

The power labs help them to look up and see the potentialities and the promises of life. The cornerstone of our programme is the 12 Steps of AA / NA, based on a module of total abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, and in turn bringing holistic improvements on bio / psycho / social / economic and financial level. Each patient works on adopting the philosophies of AA / NA before leaving treatment.

Care for the family is an important component of our rehabilitation services. The disease of chemical dependency is known to be a family disease and directly or indirectly affects the lives of so many people; Kripa offers a family service programme every Saturday and Sunday in English and Hindi.

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