Board Of Trustees

His Eminence
Oswald Cardinal Gracious

Archbishop of Bombay

Rev. Fr. Joe H. Pereira

Founder Trustee

Rev. Fr. Joe H. Pereira, Kripa Foundation’s
Founder Trustee is a Member of the High
-Level Committee in the Ministry

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Fr. Cajetan Menezes

Managing Trustee

Fr. Cajetan Menezes, Kripa Foundation’s Managing Trustee, Also Managing Trustee of Snehalaya Family Service Centre.

Ms. Jacqeline Almeida Verma

Managing Director

Ms. Jacqeline Almeida Verma, A well
renowned Architect

Denzil D’Souza

Managing Director

Denzil D’Souza, Managing Director, Writer Corporation,
A known philanthropist and promoter of Indian
art and culture. Denzil D’Souza has also worked for
the marginalized population.

Mr. Yazdi H. Desai

Jt. Managing Director
P.N.Writer &