Street Children Project

Street Children Project

Till date, Kripa has been largely catering to the adult substance abusing population while collaborating with organizations for street children for the substance abuse problems in the younger populations. Since it was felt that the issue of substance abuse among the street children needs to be systematically addressed, May 2001 saw the birth of the Street Children Project at the Dharavi centre.
From May 2001 to Nov 2002, twenty-nine street children registered at the Kripa Foundation facility at Dharavi. A total of 17 children received admission to the de-addiction and rehabilitation program. A total of 104 children received the benefit of individual counselling, while 153 of group counselling. Counselling is done at the residence and workplace of these children which include railway platforms, and streets of Dharavi, Bandra and Andheri, or at the centre. The target group for outreach awareness activities consisted of 141 children living on the streets of Mumbai. Thus a substantial number of street children (444) have been reached as a result of this project at Kripa Foundation’s Dharavi centre. The children who opted for admission to the de-addiction and rehabilitation program were later referred to various organizations catering to their specific needs. Those in need of shelter and education were referred to the Community Out Reach Programmes (CORP) centre, Don Bosco Shelter, Salaam Balak, Prem Sagar. This project is an initial step in addressing the vast and complex issue of substance abuse among street children.

RAS/H-13 UNODC Project on Drugs and HIV

The UNODC Project concerns itself with Prevention of HIV transmission among Drug Users and particularly Injecting Drug Users. The comprehensive approach involves delivery of services through Per Led Interventions, promoting Safer Practices in injecting use and sexual activity, Low-Cost Community-based Care & support Camps and harm minimization through Oral Substitution Therapy. Kripa Foundation is a partner agency in this work and extends its support in Dharavi (Mumbai), Kohima (Nagaland), Darjeeling (West Bengal) and Imphal (Manipur). This work was initiated since March 2006 and the Dharavi unit started in March 2007.

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